Horizontal Bending Press S.I.M.A.S.V. T22

Horizontal Bending Press S.I.M.A.S.V. T22

year: 2020

Workbench dimensions mm 630×1100 Height of workbench from the ground mm. 925 Max operating pressure Ton 22 Carriage stroke mm 200 Carriage speed mm./’ 1750
Mobile punch operating speed mm./’ 470 Speed selection device SI/YES Press bending capacity mm 120×15 Tool holding pins – Height mm 120
Tool holding pins – Diameter mm 55 Hydraulic power unit Lt. 45 Maximum required power Hp / Kw 2,5/1,5
Side tool shelves n. optional Bending press dimensions – Width mm 630
Bending press dimensions – Width mm 630
+V-spor 16-22-35-50-mm + v360
Bending press dimensions – Length mm 1100
Mobile punch advance and retrieval speed: 1750 / 1980 mm Mobile punch operating speed: 470 mm/’ Speed selection device: YES Min. and max. axis base between mobile and fixed pins: 120 / 370 mm Press bending capacity120x25 mm Bending press dimensions – Height mm 925
weight: 630Kg
In stock: Haarlev

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